Yes, we are having a Raffle!

Donations are needed for the Raffle. If you would like to participate in the raffle, please contact:

Colleen Teet at: colleen37142@yahoo.com

To obtain a form for your donation please click HERE.

Please consider an item that would catch the eye of the gardener. We are offering a raffle for the attendees. Each raffle item will have an 8x10 thank you to the donating company's name, next to the raffle item.

The Raffle will be set up in the Vending area.

The Raffle will be open during Vending Hours.

Please consult the Schedule for Vending Hours.

When Vending is Closed, the Raffle will be Closed.

Saturday, at the close of Vending, the Raffle will also close.

The State of Tennessee requires that the name and address of anyone winning a Raffle Item be recorded. This list must be filed with the State of Tennessee.